Umma University Student’s Support Program (UU-SSP)

Financial aid solution for all

Are you a student at Umma University or interested in enrolling for a course at the university?

We have a great opportunity for you…

  • Full Scolarship
  • 75% Scholarship, 25% loan
  • 50% Scholarship, 50% loan
  • 25% Scholarship, 75% loan
  • 100% interest free loan

Apply for the finacial aid to Successfully complete your Studies at Umma University.

Terms And Conditions For Uu-ssp Financial Aid 

I kindly wish to convey our warm welcome for your acceptance to the “partial scholarship” category of UU-SSP financial aid. Please take note of the following terms and conditions related  to the financial aid:  

a) Funds (fees) will be sent directly to the University (RTGS).  

b) In the event that the beneficiary discontinues studies for whichever reason before full disbursement is made, AEDT shall not disburse the remaining allocation and shall recall the loan so far advanced in full.  

c) If the beneficiary defaults in repayment, the next semester fees shall not be disbursed and the whole loan amount shall become due and payable and the loan beneficiary shall be bound to pay all other charges that may arise as a result of the default including but not limited to the recovery fees.  

d) The beneficiary shall ensure that they attend all classes as designated by the University;  

e) That beneficiary shall ensure that they enroll for all the course units required to  complete each academic year. 

f) The beneficiary undertakes that they shall continue to be enrolled at the university and shall not do anything that may result in either expulsion, suspension and/or discontinuance from the course  

g) The bank charges for the transfer will form part of the soft loan  

h) Once successful, beneficiaries of partial scholarship are expected to enroll for the work study program at Umma University. Additionally, they must undertake mandatory 3 months’ community work during the course of their study.  

i) Beneficiaries of UU-SSP financial aid shall commit to undertaking pro-borno services as and when requested by the financier/ donor.  

j) Beneficiaries are expected to start repayment of the soft loan, before 5th of the subsequent month (upon disbursement of first cheque).  

k) The following are the modes of repayments: 

AEDT’s goal is to elevate the academic standards of the society for the attainment of socio-economic prosperity. In order to realize this goal, we anticipate that you will:  

a) Commit to your studies and ensure excellence.  

b) Submit progress reports of your academic studies.  

c) Upon graduation, you will be expected to submit the following:  

 Graduation photo  

 Copy of certificate and Transcript  

 Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV).  

 Abstract of your Research project/ thesis 

In order to ensure that our beneficiaries are agents of social change and positive impact in the society, we request that you:  

a) Attend forums organized by AEDT as and when they are scheduled e.g. Annual Beneficiaries’ forum  

b) Participate in periodic assessment (evaluation) of the study loan program, through presentation of your views and perspectives; as and when conducted.  

Wishing you all the best in your studies.  

Umar H. Abdalla  


Download AEDT docs

To get more details on the scolarships, download these documents here. All the documents and forms that you may need are available here.