School of Nursing & Midwifery

About School

School of Nursing &Midwifery of Umma University was established in the year 2015 and enrolled the first Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSCN) cohort in May 2015 who successfully graduated in June 2019. The school supports students and alwnni to achieve timely internship placement in various health institutions in the country. The school has support system to provide counselling and advisory services  to students. The school also provides mentorship to students, alwnni, staff and staff from partners’ institution.

Our programs have been approved by Commission University Education (CUE) and NCK as we focus to provide a holistic learning approach, conducive environment and an interdisciplinary approach in our training. The school facilitates quality lecturer- student ratio of 1:5. The school also have ultra.modem nursing skills laboratories other laboratories and spacious classroom. Our research efforts are geared to empower our students with skills that will equip them to carryout studies and appraise evidence based practice in health care institutions, health service delivery and emerging diseases.

ProgrammeRequirementsDuration and Fees
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Direct entry)KCSE mean grade of C+ and above with C+ English or Kiswahili , C+ in Mathematics or Physics , C+ in Biology , C+ in Chemistry or equivalent qualifications12 Trimesters/ 4years

ksh 75,000 per semester
Admission ksh 12,200
Clinical rotation fee of ksh 15,000
Bachelor of Science Nursing (Upgrading)> Diploma in Nursing or Higher Diploma in Nursing
> Registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya
> At least 2 years of working Experience after the attainment of the Diploma
8 Trimesters/ 3years 

ksh 55,000 per semester
Admission ksh 13,000
Clinical rotation
fee of ksh 15,00
Diploma of Community Health and development> Aggregate KCSE (mean grade) C or KCE division II
> The mandatory subjects should include a minimum of: C- English or Kiswahili.
> C- one of the following in Biology or Biological Sciences, Mathematics/physics/chemistry/physical sciences
5 Semesters –
4 in class and 1
in attachment
Certificate in
community health
and development
> KCSE (mean grade) D+.
The mandatory subjects should include a
> minimum of: D plain English or Kiswahili OR one of the following in Biology or
> Biological Sciences, Mathematics/physics/chemistry/physical sciences
4 Semesters –
3 in class and 1
in attachment
Career Opportunities

On completion of the course our students are placed for internship across the country by ministry of Health.

Upcoming programmes
  1. Bachelor of Science Public Health.
  2. Masters of Science in Nursing

The school has Four Thematic Departments that include:

  • Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing and Preclinical sciences
  • Department of Midwifery , Reproductive Health and Gender Studies
  • Department of Community Health and Public Health Nursing-
  • Department of Leadership &Management , Research and Education