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Umma University is an established Islamic-based University in Kenya accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE) with a goal of increasing access to quality higher education. The university endeavor to nurture innovative leaders with moral uprightness, capable of contributing to socio-economic transformation of the people of East Africa and beyond. Umma University is a university for humanity advancement.

Rationale for Quality and Relevant Research

Quality and relevant research makes a university known to the world of scholars and also make it a home of knowledge, discoveries and future ideas. Umma University intends to engage in cutting-edge research that facilitates the achievements of the H.E President Uhuru the Big Four Agenda, Vision 2030, Counties Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and Global Sustainable Development Goals.  Umma University is committed to contributing and addressing of the society’s problem through research, innovation and collaborative partnership. Without a strong research agenda, a relevant and modern curriculum, quality teaching and community service will not also be possible. The University has a policy that demands that every faculty member be involve in research work with the objective of up-scaling excellence, intellectual growth and contribution to society.


When, we engage in research work, with its deliberate process and requirements, we get an opportunity to advance our critical thinking skills among the academics, students and partners. Relevant and quality research is always an opportunity for the University to make a difference in the society. Annual Umma University Research Call is opened to its fulltime academic and research staff and thrives on a diversity of approaches and perspectives.

The University allows and appreciates the collaborative partnership between its scholars and others (from both public and private sectors) so that the University research activities and services have critical economic, societal and environmental impacts.

Available Research Budget

Umma University has allocated budget of Kshs. 3M for research and innovation for the year 2018. Each project call can access up to a maximum of Kenya Shillings Three hundred thousand (300,000/-) and Multidisciplinary project a maximum of Kenya Shillings Eight hundred thousand (800,000/) with opportunity for building collaborative partnership. 

Validity of the call for research project proposals

This research project call is valid from 25th June to 30th July 2018.  The complete proposals should be submitted on or before 30th July 2018.


The Research Objectives

The objective of the proposed strategic research funding is to contribute to the University academic excellence, intellectual enhancement, promote scholarly competition in the field of knowledge, and in overall improves reputation of Umma University in the local, regional and global ranking.

Guidelines for applicants

Applicants are advised to use Umma University Research Proposal Form (2018 revised edition) available at the Office of the Registrar in charge of Research, Innovation and Outreach Affairs, during the official working hours. You may also send an email request to: .   Full time academic faculty members of the University can apply for one research project funding individually, and or collectively before the deadline of 30th July 2018.


Assessment procedures

All proposals received for selection consideration will be subjected to independent peer review externally.  The review process for each proposal will be 2 weeks.

Eligibility Guidelines

Academic areas proposed for selection consideration must, at a minimum, be shown to be consistent with Umma University vision, mission and goals based on the following eligibility guidelines:

  1. Goals for the academic area proposed should be directly related to the mission of the University and that of the relevant academic departments and programmes e.g. Islamic Studies, Islamic Sharia, Health Science, Computer Science, Business Management, and Language Studies.
  2. Academic focus of the area proposed should be consistent with H.E President Uhuru the Big Four Agenda, Vision 2030, Counties Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. The area proposed should demonstrate that it is prepared to establish and maintain an evaluation system and periodic monitoring reviews as a basis for achieving its stated goals and productivity level.
  4. Proposals that are multidisciplinary and involve multiple departments/schools/faculties will have an added advantage for funding.


This criteria is aimed at enhancing the academic excellence, intellectual development, and overall reputation of the University.

The research project should

  1. Achieve new or extend existing academic excellence;
  2. Earn a positive reputation among peers;
  3. Demonstrate the merit of the proposing faculty to assist him/her establish records of scholarly excellence and productivity;
  4. Make contributions to fields of university, county and national importance.
  5. Be original work free from plagiarism.

Contact details and other information

Research, Innovation and Outreach Affairs
Umma University
P.O Box 713-01100, Kajiado, Kenya
Tel: 0722-961-233; email:

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