The vision is to be a centre of choice that foster competitive research, innovative technology and collaboration partnership for advancement of knowledge and community development.
The mission is to provide leadership and quality research enabling environment by cultivating scholarly engagements in support of fostering knowledge and innovative technology in the fields of sciences, business and technology and related areas that benefit society.   
The mandates of the Directorate is mandated to undertake the following-
  1. To coordinate and implement research, innovations and partnerships policies;
  2. To coordinate and implement of all agreements and collaborations;
  3. To plan, coordinate and implement the University research programmes and projects;
  4. To provide leadership for knowledge dissemination activities including research findings, conferences, workshops, seminars and symposia;
  5. To coordinate publications activities of the University;
  6. To support, coordinate and undertake community outreach services;
  7. To enforce research ethics policies, standards and practices;
  8. To undertake any other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.
The activities of the Directorate includes coordination of:-
  • Research programmes/projects
  • Publications
  • Organize conferences, workshops, seminars, and symposia
  • Partnership and international linkages
  • Leadership and governance platform
  • Memorandum of agreements with strategic partners
  • Visits by International scholars and dignitaries
  • International membership/affiliation
  • Community development and support programmes
Research interest areas
Umma University research interest areas includes:-
  • Islamic studies of contemporary issues,
  • Islamic finances models,
  • Business and sustainability strategies,
  • Knowledge-based society and systems,  
  • Health sciences,
  • Environment, climate change and biodiversity,
  • Civilization dialogues, peace building and conflicts transformation,
  • Leadership and governance issues,
  • Other related-areas that benefit society.
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