In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Umma University is an Islamic-based University in Kenya accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE) with a goal to increasing access to quality higher education, research and community service. The University endeavors to nurture innovative leaders with high moral uprightness to intellectually contribute to development and the transformational agenda of the people of Kenya and beyond. The University objective is to stimulate learning and research with the spirit of imparting critical thinking and problem solving skills to benefit the society. Our University doors are open to all (regardless of the creed, race or gender) to facilitate positive engagements to advantage quality teaching, discovery and utilization of technologies, where all these are integrated to address challenges afflicting humanity like ignorance, poverty, hunger, conflicts, corruptions and diseases.  Umma University is a unique university with holistic model for higher education that differentiates it from public and private universities in Kenya.

Our main campus in Kajiado and other learning centers are located in serene environment conducive for learning, conducting research and serving the communities by nurturing bonds of care, love and unity.  Our sincere appreciation to the National government and Kajiado County Government, for accepting to join hands with us to plant the knowledge seeds for today and future generation. The ultimate goal of the University of Excellence is to produce graduate of high moral values, who are innovative and capable of giving back to society.

With its strong professional and scholarly foundation, Umma University is well prepared to look into the future with hope, courage and confidence. Our policies, practices and ethics demands from us that we favorably establish links and collaborative partnership with governments, organizations, partners, groups and communities with a focus of win-win situation.

Umma University has unique niches in the area of Islamic Banking and Finance, Arabic language, and Islamic sciences in Kenya and in the region and is a pioneer in the knowledge integration of modern sciences and divine revelation as a critical incubator to nurture talented young generation as it draws its strength from combined Islamic values and conventional sciences. As a Centre of excellence, we are committed to drive sustainable development in counties by contributing to strategic communities’ capacity development activities in line with Kenya Development Blue Print of Vision 2030 and Counties CIDPs.  It is our hope to offer always quality learning programs that meets and exceeds the need of the society in terms of development and spiritual needs.

I warmly invite and welcome you to Umma University.

Idle Omar Farah PhD OGW

Vice Chancellor

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