December 14-16, 2019 at Umma University Kajiado Main Campus

Umma University in partnership with the Charity Association and the Islamic Universities in Kenya; Raf University, Al-Mustaqbal University and the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Mombasa announces that it will hold a conference on Islamic education in Kenya.
The conference will discuss all issues of Islamic schools (Madrassa) in particular and Islamic education in general.
The conference will be held in December 14-16, 2019 at Umma University Main Campus in Kajiado.

The conference will present papers on the status of Islamic schools in the Muslim world, how they have adapted to secular educational systems, address the challenges facing Islamic schools in Kenya and provide a scientific vision of the future of schools.

Researchers wishing to participate in the submission of scientific papers should read the guidelines for the specifications required for research and then carry out their research according to the dates of the conference.

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