Office of the Dean of Students

Office of the Dean of Students

deanstudentsThe office of the Dean of students is concerned with a wide range of responsibilities covering students’ welfare which include but are not limited the following;
students’ accommodation, catering services, games, sports and entertainment, counselling, health services, students’ associations and clubs, students discipline, religious matters (in collaboration with the university Imam) in addition to others not specifically mentioned above but are incidental to students’ welfare.
The welfare services complement and give support to the academic programs by providing an enabling environment for academic pursuance and supplementing the academic experience of students with skills, values and knowledge outside the lecture room, to produce holistic graduates who are not only academically sound, but are morally upright and have skills, values and attitudes, which will enable the graduates to be of value to society in general but to themselves in particular in line with the University’s objectives, vision and mission.

The Dean is a member of the University Senate, University Management Board, Planning Administration and Finance(PAF) division and The students’ disciplinary committee.



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