Ultra Modern Library
We have a well stocked Library
CUE Quality Assurance Visit
CUE Commissioners and Umma University Senior Staff members during the Quality Assurance Inspection exercise.
Phase II visit
The BOT, Council and Management of Umma University during the site visit of Phase II project at Kajiado Campus
Students undertake practical classes
Phase II Progress
Infrastructural Development underway as part of Phase II project
Student Centre
A ultramodern Student Centre under construction and to be completed by end of April
Islamic Banking Conference
Umma University in collaboration with University Sain Malaysia organized a one day Islamic Banking Conference in Nairobi.
University Council
BOT, University Council and Management at Kajiado Campus
Curricula Review
School of Business and Technology faculty members during the Curricula review for Computer Science, Business Management and Nursing programmes review
Umma University receives ambulance from Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD)
Umma University signs an MOU with Gulf African Bank
Umma University signed a memorandum of understanding with Gulf African Bank Kenya Limited, the largest Islamic bank in Kenya
CUE Charter Inspection 11th July 2017
Umma University council and staff members with the Inspection team from Council for University Education during the Charter Inspection at Kajiado Campus.

Research Activities

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In 2015/2016, the University has funded the following research projects to support improvement of research and academic capacity of its faculty members. 
  1. Change Requirement evaluation process for small and medium software project by Dr. Hassan Osman Ali, Department of Computing and Informatics, School of Business and Technology, Umma University.
  2. The Role of a Mosque in Politics a Case Study of Jamia Mosque in Nairobi by Prof. Wilson Hassan Nandwa, Department of Islamic Sharia, School of Islamic Sharia and Islamic Studies, Umma University.
  3. Factors influencing inventory management in public sector: A case study of Kajiado County Hospital by Nurwin Fozia Rajab, Department of Business Management, School of Business and Technology, Umma University.
  4. Correlation between monitoring and evaluation on social development project performances in Kajiado County by Yusuf Muchelule, Department of Computing & Informatics, School of Business and Technology, Umma University.
  5. Socioeconomic Challenges Facing Women Owned Micro and Small enterprises in Kenya: A case study Kajiado County by Saad Minadao, Department of Business, School of Business and Technology, Umma University.
  6. Assessment of knowledge, Attitudes and Healthcare practices amongst pregnant women in rural Kajiado County by Francis Gwama, Department of Nursing, Umma University. 
The University has strategic partnership with the following organizations and institution. 
  • Kajiado County Government
  • International University of Africa
  • International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)
  • International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)
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