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Bachelor of Science Computer Science

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The computing industry has witnessed an exciting, vigorous and somewhat challenging transition over the years and has come to be accepted as an integral part of nearly all aspects of modern life and society. Commercial and non-commercial organizations are, today than ever before, embracing new computing technologies at a massive rate and these technologies are continually developing and changing  rapidly consequently making the field of computing highly dynamic and challenging.
This calls for graduates who are exposed to both theoretical and practical dimensions in all areas of this field with a solid understanding of the underlying principles in the development of computing systems, application of that knowledge in real life projects and bearing adequate skills and knowledge to cope with the change inherent in this discipline. This is the basis for training the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Umma University. 
This programme aims at training students in the development, use and support of computer-based systems with emphasis on the underlying hardware and software architectures for business processes support and continuity in relation to systems development, human-computer interaction, processes optimization, intelligent computing and distributed computing. The programme seeks to address gaps between theory and practice through a practical-centered approach to help meet practical workplace demands and produce graduates that can cope with the dynamisms of the computing field while improving the qualities of human life. 
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