University Education Stakeholders forum
Umma University team led by Chancellor Dr. Abbas Gullet and Vice Chair Council Arch Abdullatif Khan attending a Commission for University Education Stakeholders forum.
Tour of Phase II
Umma University Council Members during the tour of Phase II project at Kajiado Campus
Umma University meets CS Amb. Amina Mohammed
Umma University Chancellor Dr. Abbas Gullet Council, Chairman Dr. Al Muhailan and members of the Board of Trustees courtesy call to CS Education AMB. Amina Mohammed on Tuesday 4th Sept 2018
Members of Parliament visits Kajiado Campus
The Vice Chancellor was delighted to receive and hold discussions with the Honourable Members of Parliament Gathoni Wa Muchomba of Kiambu County and Rehema Jaldesa of Isiolo County at Kajiado Campus when they visited on the Sept 3, 2018.
Partnership between Umma University and Gateway Islamic Finance Advisory
Dr. Idle Farah with Rahma Hersi, Head of Africa Practice during formalization of partnership with Gateway Islamic Finance Advisory with with view to making an impact on the Islamic Economy; Teaching, Policy and Practice in Kenya. Rahma Hersi earlier held a the truly inspirational presentation on Education, Knowledge and Understanding
UNHCR Special Envoy for Somalia Refugee Situation visits Umma University Kajiado
Amb. Mohamed Abdi Affey, Special Envoy for Somalia Refugee Situation, UNCHR during the courtesy call to the Dr. Idle Farah discussing the support of our sponsors Direct-Aid International and access to university education for Somali refugees.
Courtesy call by Hon. Philip S. Mpaayei, the Senator Kajiado County
Dr. Idle O. Farah with Hon. Philip S. Mpaayei, the Senator Kajiado County when he paid a courtesy call on Friday, 8th June, 2018.
Smartboard Training
Dr. Idle O. Farah with Prof Karama (DVC - ARSA) and lecturers during the Smartboard training at Kajiado Campus on 23rd May 2018.
Courtesy Call to TUM VC
Courtesy call to Prof. Laila Abubakar of Technical University of Mombasa.
MEWA Meeting
Meeting with Management and trustees of MEWA Hospital with regards to the training of health workers.
Council Retreat
BOT, Council and Management during the retreat at Maanzoni Lodge on the 9th - 12th May 2018.
Participants of the symposium “Strengthening grassroots cooperation for improving service delivery in Kenyan counties” at Umma University, Kajiado Campus on the 24th April 2018.
School of Business and Technology Retreat
Council Vice Chair, Arch. Abdullatif Khan (centre seated) with Council member Ali Mahmud (second seated from right), Dr. Idle Farah, DVC PAF (second seated from left), Prof. Mohamed Karama, DVC Academics Research and Students Affairs (seated right) and Umar H. Abdalla, CEO of Africa Education and Development Trust
Launch of Umma University Students Support Program
Amb. Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Education launches the UUSPP assisted byDr Abbas Gullet, Chancellor, Umma University, Dr Vijoo Rattansi, Chancellor, University of Nairobi and H.E Mohamud Mohamed Ali, Governor, Marsabit County.
Launch of Umma University Student Support Program
Amb. Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Education, launches the student support program at Laico Regency on 13th February 2018.
Launch of Umma University Student Support Program
Amb. Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Education, with the Chancellor Dr. Abbas Gullet, BOT, Council and VC of Umma University.
Council Chair address
Council Chair Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Al-Muhailan address the congregation
Chancellor Confers Degree
Dr Abbas Gullet confers degrees during the graduation ceremony
Dignitaries grace the 1st commencement ceremony
The Chancellor Dr. Abbas Gullet with CAS Education, Simon Kachapin, Kajiado Governor Ole Lenku and Leader of Majority Hon. Aden Dualle
The Graduating class of 2018
Graduating class of 2018

Department of Business - Diploma

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  1. Fatma Mohamed Hashi
  2. Mohamed Abdi Dahir
  3. Hidaya, Hassan Halima
  4. Kangi, Hussein
  5. Saad, Halima
  6. Guyo, Harsam Jama
  7. Haziz, Ali Abdallah
  8. Gathecha, Jacqueline Wangui
  9. Mbwana, Sumayya Mohammed
  10. Shekhan, Zulekha Mohammed
  11. Gachanja, Samuel Njuguna
  12. Islam, Suad Said
  13. Wango, Husna Thurea
  14. Saleh, Omar Mohamed
  15. Abdulhakim, Adel
  16. Taib, Sakina Ahmad
  17. Dajissa, Amina Jillo
  18. Swabrina Hussein
  19. Birik, Hashim Yussuf
  20. C, Khadijah Gatie
  21. Chimerah, Abdalla Muzungu
  22. Eymoi, Ali Mohamed
  23. Hassan, Madina
  24. Hassan, Yusuf Omar
  25. Hussein, Rukia Omar
  26. Ibrahim, Ibrahim Alio
  27. Ibrahim, Saida Bashane
  28. Ibrahim, Zeitun Gollo
  29. Kassim, Abdul Hamid
  30. Khalif, Abdiqafar Maalim
  31. Maalim, Abdullahi Issack
  32. Mitau, Tracy Mwikali
  33. Mohamed, Hassannur Ahmed
  34. Mohamed, Mohamed Ali
  35. Mohammed, Rahma Warda
  36. Abdalla, Shakila Hamdan
  37. Abdi, Abdullahi Bashir
  38. Abdi, Mohamud Hussein
  39. Abdillahi, Zubeda
  40. Abdulaziz, Adam Dafala
  41. Abdulqadir, Mansur Sheiq
  42. Barre, Fatuma Adan
  43. Mohamud, Mohamed Salat
  44. Njoroge, Ayubu Abdi
  45. Omar, Mohamed Mariam
  46. Sabrie, Zakaria Abdirahman
  47. Sheikh, Mohamed Hafif
  48. Wokete, Pearlyne Nasimiyu
  49. Maalim, Abdullahi Issack
  50. Hussein, Rukia Omar
  51. Khalif, Abdiqafar Maalim
  52. Kassim, Abdul Hamid
  53. Mitau, Tracy Mwikali
  54. Abdi, Mohamud Hussein
  55. Omar, Mohamed Mariam
  56. Sabrie, Zakaria Abdirahman
  57. Barre, Fatuma Adan
  58. Mohamud, Mohamed Salat
  59. Abdulaziz, Adam Dafala
  60. Ibrahim, Saida Bashane
  61. Hassan, Yusuf Omar
  62. Mohamed, Mohamed Ali
  63. Abdi, Abdullahi Bashir
  64. Mohamed, Hassannur Ahmed
  65. Njoroge, Ayubu Abdi
  66. Chimerah, Abdalla Muzungu
  67. Abdillahi, Zubeda
  68. Ibrahim, Ibrahim Alio
  69. Mohammed, Rahma Warda
  70. Hassan, Madina
  71. Ibrahim, Zeitun Gollo
  72. Wokete, Pearlyne Nasimiyu
  73. Abdulqadir, Mansur Sheiq
  74. Birik, Hashim Yussuf
  75. Abdalla, Shakila Hamdan
  76. Sheikh, Mohamed Hafif
  77. Eymoi, Ali Mohamed
  78. C, Khadijah Gatie
  79. Abdi, Abdinasir Mohamed
  80. Abdille, Abdirazak Hassan
  81. Ali, Mouluth Abdullahi
  82. Bashir, Mohamed Dakane
  83. Buul, Abdinasir Bille
  84. Elema, Habiba Abdi
  85. Gabow, Abdiwahid Aliow
  86. Gollo, Musa Issack
  87. Hussein, Mohamed Khalif
  88. Mohamed, Aman Jamil
  89. Mohamud, Fatuma Hussein
  90. Mukhtar, Fauzia Robley
  91. Naseer, Zena Ahmed
  92. Nasir, Ibrahim
  93. Unshur, Mohamed M.
  94. Mohamed, Aman Jamil
  95. Gollo, Musa Issack
  96. Elema, Habiba Abdi
  97. Unshur, Mohamed M.
  98. Mohamud, Fatuma Hussein
  99. Buul, Abdinasir Bille
  100. Gabow, Abdiwahid Aliow
  101. Mukhtar, Fauzia Robley
  102. Naseer, Zena Ahmed
  103. Nasir, Ibrahim
  104. Abdille, Abdirazak Hassan
  105. Bashir, Mohamed Dakane
  106. Ali, Mouluth Abdullahi
  107. Abdi, Abdinasir Mohamed
  108. Hussein, Mohamed Khalif
  109. Ahmed, Abdisalam Jama
  110. Mohamed, Ali Ahmad
  111. Ali, Somba Hussein
  112. Abdullahi, Abdille
  113. Omar, Mwanaisha
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